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CLIMAX pioneered the portable machining revolution in 1966.  For more than 50 years we have been the innovators and technology leaders in the industry we invented.  We’re #1 for a reason!  But we never rest – with over 75 standard products and services, sold from more than 100 locations across the globe, CLIMAX offers one-stop shopping, and we are the only global company that NEVER competes with our customers.


With various models of OD mount flange facers to reface, mill, bevel, square, counterbore, or cut end prep configura­tions for welding, CLIMAX offers a wide variety of rugged and innovative portable flange facers, for 0 to 120 inch (0 to 3050 mm) diameters, for OD mounting, and several of our machines can be configured for facing, milling, or both! For easy setup, larger units can be installed with a separate mount or chuck to which the facer body is installed. With 29 models to choose from, CLIMAX flange facers can tackle an unrivaled range of applications from 0 to 199 inches (0 to 5054 mm)