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Onshore construction

steel construction

Structural steel

Our experienced and innovative design department offers you many options within structural steel:

  • Steel frames
  • Beams and railings
  • Columns
  • Platforms
  • Steel trusses
  • Stairs and balconies

We produce and install the steel items – from single structures to larger scale constructions, and we offer various types of surface treatment.

stairs stairwells

Stairs and  stairwells

Staircases for indoor and outdoor use can be designed according to individual needs and measurements. 

Our outdoor solutions are functional meeting safety requirements when it comes to railings.

A lot of indoor stairs are produced individually as a complete solution with glass, wood, perforated panels or other materials.


Steel balcony

EMS offers balcony solutions which can be delivered in painted or galvanized steel.

Balcony Solutions may be a 100% steel structure or a mix of steel, glass and wood. EMS delivers turnkey solutions for both flats, public buildings and private homes.


Security fencing

We offer to secure your premises with perimeter fencing and gates.

Protection against unauthorized entrance is important – both in connection with the theft of expensive equipment and necessary accident prevention.

Various types of gates and fences are available, and we construct them individually to fit your needs. Afterwards we also provide service and maintenance of your fencing.

Our fences are used at public as well as private premises.


Parks and leisure

Fencing, shelter and access control are neeed many places. We offer:

  • Outdoor sport lanes
  • Elements for parks, green areas and play grounds
  • Area security for nurseries and kinder gardens

    Bike sheds

  • Container yards

  • Maritime  walkways


Steel gates

EMS offers the latest in automated sliding and swing gates, ensuring efficient flow in and out of your facilities.

EMS supplies and installs industrial fencing, panel fences and gates that are ideal for securing the perimeter. Gates and fencing are delivered according to individual wishes and repairs on existing fences and gates can be offered.





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