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Consultancy Engineering

The right solution for our customers

We offer Consultancy Engineering within Structure, Piping and mechanical. We can enter the projects in the early beginning - Feasibility Studies - and deliver all the necessary documentation through the entire Engineering phase. This means we can find the right solution for our customer and mature it for the production, then our dedicated construction department can take over.


We provide offshore surveys world wide

EMS offers offshore surveys in connection with our projects, but also as a separate service. We will always finalise the survey with a survey report including sketches, ideas and concepts for further design and development. We can offer survey for many different kind of projects, within the following disciplines:

  • Structure
  • Piping
  • Mechanical

Consultant service

Technical manpower at the right time at the right place

EMS offers technical manpower, within structural, piping and mechanical. We can offer the manpower as two different concepts.

Manpower – Your management

Our competent and skilled employees will work from your office with your management on a specific project or at several different projects in a given period.

Manpower – Our management

One of our competent and skilled employees will take the management of a project at your office and include some of yours and ours employees in the project team. Our employees can also be used as back office and handle separated subproject.


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