EMS and Bioman has established four new CNG biogas filling stations

Jun 15, 2022 | News

In collaboration with Bioman, Esbjerg Maritime Service ApS has established four new CNG biogas filling stations. The filling stations will be ready in the summer of 2022. With Esbjerg Maritime Service ApS, Bigadan’s subsidiary Bioman is working on four new biogas filling stations in Ishøj, Køge, Odense and Horsens.

Esbjerg Maritime Service Aps specialises in the design and production of steel structures, mechanical solutions and pipe solutions. They support the establishment of these four CNG biogas filling stations with stainless, acid-proof pipes between dispenser and compressor. Before being covered with soil, the stainless steel pipes have also been protected with PVC flex pipes, and all welds have been checked via X-ray testing due to the high operating pressure of 275 Bar.

The choice to establish CNG (compressed natural gas) filling stations has been made because they make it easy and fast to refuel gas. To ensure that you get green gas in your tank, a green gas certification system is used. For every MWh of natural gas injected into the natural gas network, a green gas certificate is issued by state-owned company Energinet. The Danish petrol station operators buy the certificates, and they expire when you refuel your car with gas. In the natural gas network, the green gas is then mixed with natural gas.

Biogas is formed by the decomposition of biodegradable material in an oxygen-free environment. It is formed naturally in bogs, in stagnant water areas and in the digestive system, and biogas can be used for various things such as the production of electricity and heat in combined heat and power plants and as fuel in cars. (source: www.gasfakta.dk)

As the climate partnership for transport pointed to biogas as one of the primary solutions for heavy traffic, the biogas industry had high expectations that biogas-powered lorries would become a common sight in Denmark. This project has become a reality due to support from the Danish Road Directorate’s pool for the conversion of commercial transport, but the hope is, of course, that many more similar CNG biogas filling stations can be established in the future.

Facts about Bigadan:

The biogas industry has existed for many years, and over time, many companies have tried to succeed in the industry. Yet, many have been forced to learn the hard way that making a living from producing biogas and building plants takes both knowledge and experience. Bigadan has managed this in a unique way, measured by the number of plants built, the acquired know-how, the tested technology and the ability to make biogas plants profitable. Read more about Bigadan here: https://bigadan.dk