EMS and T.D. Williamson designed the “Pig Loading Tray”

Oct 3, 2022 | News

EMS, in collaboration with T.D Williamson, has supplied 24″, 30″, 36″ and 40″ cleaning pigs and carried out the design and fabrication of the “Pig Loading Tray” for use in connection with the dispatch and reception of cleaning pigs.

The equipment is also part of Energinet’s “emergency” equipment. – In addition, the cleaning pigs are also used in connection with the commissioning of new 36″ and 40″ Baltic Pipe gas pipelines, which stretch from the compressor station in Egtved – Jutland to the newly built compressor station in Everdrup in Zealand.

The delivery time was particularly important in ensuring progress and compliance with important milestones in the project schedule.

Martin Schneider at EMS mentions that there has been a close collaboration from the start with T.D Williamson departments in UK, Belgium and USA to be able to comply with the design requirements and the fast delivery time.

Facts about Energinet:

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