Esbjerg Maritime Service ApS wins service contract with Energinet

Jun 10, 2022 | Case

Esbjerg Maritime Service ApS has signed a service agreement with Energinet worth millions of Danish kroner. The contract is for the provisioning of mechanical and welding work at plants and stations, and the 4-year contract means that Esbjerg Maritime Service ApS will be assigned all future tasks during the period.

After lengthy negotiations, Esbjerg Maritime Service ApS won the contract with Energinet. The contract is for service work for plants and stations at several different locations in Denmark, and means that Esbjerg Maritime Service ApS will be providing qualified personnel, materials and equipment for the work. The task consists of, among other things, providing welding and mechanical assistance in connection with disassembly, inspections and checks of pressure equipment and prefabrication of pipe spools, steel structures and more.

Energinet notes that Esbjerg Maritime Service ApS offered the best price relative to quality and the stipulated sub-criteria in the tender conditions and content, why Esbjerg Maritime Service ApS won the contract for welding work for plants and stations.

Martin Schneider at Esbjerg Maritime Service ApS is naturally very proud to have won the contract, and looks forward to starting the collaboration.

Facts about Energinet:

The purpose of Energinet is to own, operate and expand overall energy infrastructure and carry out related tasks, contributing to the development of a climate-neutral energy supply. Energinet must safeguard security of supply, climate and environment, as well as ensure open and equal access for all users of the networks and efficiency in operations. Consumers finance Energinet’s activities through their electricity and gas bills, and the tasks are based on the Energinet Act.

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