A constant focus area at EMS

Constantly improving our safety quality


– Every employee has been instructed never to compromise on health and safety.

No one is exposed to any health or environmentally dangers which can cause any decieses or permanent injury.


Before any work is carried out safety is to be considered in every case and NO is always accepted if there is any unnecessary risk.

Following politics are taken into consideration:

  • Personal safety
  • Machinery, equipment and working space hazards
  • LTI goal is 0 (zero)


The environment is important and we shall strive to always minimize effects on the environment. That is why we have a clear environmental profile, and it is a natural part of our everyday rutines to show environmental responsibility.


– EMS has a quality management system which has been tailored to the company structure. The management system has been built on the principles in ISO 9001:2008.

EMS is certified according to the following:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 3834-2
  • EN 1090


Continous improvement

We strive to continuously work to improve our business and we learn from failures but especially our success and implement such changes in our operating procedures in order to make sure that our customers are satisfied.

Contact our HSEQ Specialist

Vibeke S. Christensen
Phone +45 76 56 99 00
Mobile +45 20 46 16 14