Innovative assembly workstation for Vestfrost Solution A/S

Nov 14, 2022 | News

Our engineering department is busier than it’s ever been. They develop innovative solutions for a wide range of businesses and are currently working on a special machine for Vestfrost Solution A/S – Esbjerg.

Vestfrost is expanding and requires a brand-new workstation for assembling freezers. Our team proposed an innovative solution, to which Vestfrost agreed. 

Lasse Uth Eschelsen and Lucas Erlandsen, our two engineers who designed this workstation, are the brains behind this project. They also invented all mechanical components such as a vacuum system, vertical movement, pneumatic system, etc. Our production department manufactured and assembled parts.  

The final assembly was made in Vestfrost’s production facility, where all parts and cables were secured.


A complete in-house service

As you can see, our company has a broad knowledge and can help with innovations in different industries. Whether your business is within the wind industry, oil and gas, or you just need a special machine, our creative engineering department is here to help with an innovative and one-of-a-kind solution.

Furthermore, in case you do not have your own production facility, you do not need to be concerned about the fabrication of the same solution because our production team will ensure that everything is made in accordance with engineering designs.

Your company can rely on complete in-house service.

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We want to thank RE Elteknik for the quick delivery of electrical components.



Vestfrost machine developers - Lasse and Lucas were engineers behind the machine
Vestfrost machine - workstation for assembling freezers
Vestfrost machine - workstation for assembling freezers