New strategic partnership: EMS and Melsing will develop sustainable prototypes

Sep 17, 2020 | News |

Developmental projects within the wind, oil and gas, as well as power-to-x industries are in focus, as EMS establish a new and exciting partnership with the accomplished Melsing Engineering & Consulting.

Both companies are experiencing an increased demand from our clients looking for both design and fabrication of prototypes for transportation, lifting, and installation solutions both onshore as well as offshore. The partnership will enable both companies to deliver complete service solutions all the way from design studies to finished production and testing.

EMS and Melsing Engineering & Consulting have worked together on multiple projects wihtin the wind industry in recent years, where the collaboration have functioned with the division of labor being that EMS handled construction based on Melsings technical drawings. 

Now the two CEOs have signed their names on a deal that will be the start of a strategic partnership with focus on the increasing amount of developmental projects within the sustainable energy industry.

“The customers increasingly want packaged solutions. That is something we can deliver with this partnership between EMS and Melsing. We want to be the fast player – the one that can execute immediately and deliver creative solutions in the early stages of development. We are looking into a big and growing market with that type of services for the sustainable energy industry,” says CEO of EMS, Kenneth S. Hagelskjær. 

A solid match

 Focus of the new partnership will be developing prototypes for the engery industry at first – primarily  for the wind industry.

“We have received several inquiries from our customers in the wind industry on developing prototypes for transport, lifting, and installation equipment. However, we have always had the  known that if we were to participate in the production, we would have to find the right partner. We have found that in EMS, as they are a great match in regards to our values and ambitions,” said CEO of Melsing, Morten Melsing. 

He emphasizes that the partnership in no way is a marriage. Both companies have a flexible contract, securing that they both might collaborate with other companies. 

 Even though the partnership is recently established, the two companies are already involved in dialogues on specific projects both globally and locally.