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Service Agencies

EMS agency department acts as an “prolonged arm” and today we act as handling agents for large companies like T.D. Williamson and Patriot International.

We can act as handling agent and will make sure that customers have a support facility, which is ready to service 24/7-365. EMS can also offer to act as a reseller of products to be supplied to the energy sector in Denmark, so if you have a strong product we can provide a strong foundation for re-sale or administration of example rental equipment locally in Denmark. EMS represent Patriot International and T.D. Williamson i Denmark.

Aqua Supply

We have signed the contract with Port Esbjerg to deliver water to ships located in Esbjerg harbour.

Phone: +45 71 99 65 65
Email: aqua@ems.as


Manpower that suits your needs. Our highly qialified personnel are capable of adapt to your operation and project.

  • Rigger
  • Scaffolders
  • Painters
  • Mechanics

Contact our Service Specialist

Martin Schneider
Phone +45 76 56 99 00
Mobile +45 71 74 74 67