Inconel cladding

effectively Prolonging the life of your equipment

As time goes and equipment wears down, there is a need for either buying new or futureproofing the old. In that context, Inconel cladding offers an incomparable solution for restoring corroded equipment and extending its life span immensely instead of decommissioning it. At EMS we use Inconel cladding as a means to deliver futureproof components that will serve you well for many years, even in harsh environments.


  • Refurbishment of all kinds of components in a large range of carbon steel alloys in our shop in Esbjerg, Denmark or on-site.
  • A formal inspection report with refurbishment recommendations provided on receipt of product
  • OES analysis if the material certificate is not available.
  • Each component is re-manufactured in-house
  • Refurbished to meet exact client specifications
  • Refurbishment and recertification
  • Inconel cladding can be applied to specific components based on WPSs with ultra-competitive parameters, specialized for shop or on-site performance, carried out by certified welders.
  • 100% NDE.
  • Pressure test to relevant specification up to 30.000 PSI
  • Supplied with full certification and 3´P verified and approved welding documentation.
  • Certified as per client’s requirements.