T.D. Williamson

EMS is line partner of T.D. Williamson in Denmark.
We help you in optimizing your pipeline performance.


We help you optimizing your pipeline performance. Inline inspection (ILI) technologies can help owners and operators of pressurized pipeline systems identify the greatest integrity threats – and focus their budgets on mitigating the most urgent and critical anomalies. 

Let us help you with your challenges.

  • Hot tapping & plugging
  • Valves
  • Low- and high pressure fittings
  • ILI
  • Smart plug
  • Pipeline pigging
  • Pig tracking and transmitters
  • Pig launching & receiving
  • Closures

Optimizing your pipeline performance

Pipelines are the infrastructure of the developed world. They fill a crucial need – to bring energy to those who use it every day, from home cooks to large-scale industries. And TDW has been there from the start.

From routine maintenance and repairs, to tie-in of additional lines, to installing necessary equipment like pig passage indicators, hot tapping plays an integral role in the life of a pipeline.

TDW provides hot tapping services and equipment that enable pipeline owners and operators to safely, efficiently, and cost effectively perform pipeline modification and repair activities without shutdown and with minimal disruption to product flow.

From 2-inch gas distribution lines, to large-diameter, high-pressure crude lines, TDW has a full suite of drilling and tapping machines, and a variety of cutters, to meet the unique temperature and pressure requirements of any pipeline operation.

Best used for:

Onshore and offshore pipeline operations, including repairs, crossovers, line extensions, purge and equalization, main relocations, connections, and tie-ins.

Key features:

Tapping machines can accommodate 2-inch through 60-inch taps on pressurized lines.

Equipment and consumables can be designed and fabricated to accommodate custom applications.

Tapping equipment can be used for creating hot taps in preparation for isolation applications, and for installing completion plugs like the LOCK-O-RING® Plus Completion Plug.

TDW Subsea 1200RC tapping machine can be used for performing hot taps in water depths of up to 3,000 m (9,842 ft).