The machine shop is expanding with two new CNC machines – PUMA GT2600M and DNM750LII

Sep 5, 2022 | News

Two new CNC machines are joining our family. Both machines will allow us to have a full range of products that can be customized for our client. So now we can make products from a few millimeters to up to two meters and weight up to 1800kg.

The new PUMA GT2600M has a milling head which will make production easier and faster and ensure powerful and precise machining. The machine is equipped with the most powerful spindle in its class and an innovative tool concept guarantee powerful and accurate cutting capability and outstanding productivity. It includes end milling, face milling, drilling, tapping, etc., which offers better machining operation while minimizing work settings. 

New DNM750LII, as the best-in-class vertical machining center fully equipped with the most standard features built-in, will improve our production service to an even advanced level. This powerful machine features a BIG+ spindle, X-Y-Z axis travel (2160-762-650 mm), a capacity of 1800kg and more.

We are excited to start using these machines and serve you even better. Give us a call and see what our machine shop can do for your business. 

Technical information about PUMA GT2600M:

For those who like more technical information, the machine has a max turning diameter of 410mm, max turning length of 610mm and many other features.

Technical information about DNM750LII:

The machine has travel distance X-Y-Z (2160-762-650 mm), rapid traverse X-Y-Z (24/24/24 m/min), table size 2160 * 760 mm, spindle speed of 12000 rpm, power of 15.6 kW and weight of 15,000 kg.