Expansion for 65 million: Triple gazelle is ready for new energy adventure

Nov 18, 2022 | News |

Kenneth Hagelskjær succeeded, and as managing director and sole owner of EMS, he can be pleased that 80% of the revenue comes from 20% of the customers.

EMS, the triple gazelle company, has a secure future as a welding and steel specialist and supplier of engineering, production and services to customers in the fields of wind, oil/gas and Power-to-X. The focus is now entirely on providing services to the industry, which, with the spring’s internationally based Esbjerg declaration, is expected to get lots of tailwinds in an energy adventure in the following year.

EMS had a huge investment of DKK 65 million for 4,700 square meters with a state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly office building and two production halls in order to continue creating value for customers in the energy industry.

“The customers we have must be served, and this is done with the good, old merchant trick of having the goods on the shelves that they want”, says Kenneth Hagelskjær, whose customers include energy giants such as Total, Ineos, Siemens, Vestas, Energinet and Evida, but also smaller forging companies.


EMS and Global Gravity

More customers, more work, more employees, currently there are 107, have provided fertile ground for the second extension since the trained blacksmith Kenneth Hagelskjær founded the company in Varde a little over ten years ago.

– In our sister company Global Gravity, we produce lifting equipment for the oil and gas industry. In that company, we have an office in Norway, an office and warehouse in Aberdeen in Scotland, a permanent employee in the USA, one in Brazil and permanent people in Qatar.

“We are two companies that employ a total of 15 people in Global Gravity, but we share all functions at the top, and both have their address here”, says Kenneth Hagelskjær, who, speaking of green conversion, mentions a large CO2 saving when the lifting equipment from Global Gravity saves crane lifting and time for packing and transport.



“The black energy, as we can call it, will also be part of the future. I have deep respect for the political commitment around CO2 reduction and green transition and am an advocate for it, but we will not get rid of oil and gas here and now.”

When Kenneth Hagelskjær looks into the future in the same connection, he uses maritime metaphors: – We all have good wind in our sails, the ships are well placed in the sea, so that we can create value for our city.

In future, he sees several new expansion possibilities

“In five years, I think we will be expanding again, we have doubled in size, and we have found one or two new business areas – one could be a metal sheet workshop. And then we have probably made some acquisitions to keep up with our growth.” – says Kenneth


CEO focuses on the employees

In 2021, Kenneth Hagelskjær received the award as Owner Manager of the Year in South Jutland and was highlighted on that occasion for his ability to create a positive and appreciative company culture where everyone is equal. A good working environment and the well-being of the employees are very important to him. Therefore, the focus has been on creating a building that supports the culture and where it is nice for the employees to be.


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